Promotion counters can help attract new business, promote new products and services and also carry on working long after being packed away; due to increase of interest from customer interaction, brand awareness, product awareness and captured information that has been collected from visitors who have visited the counter. Click here to view and purchase from our range.

Trade Shows

Will your business or your customers business be taking part in a trade show? A promotion counter is a great example of a low cost way to showcase products and services in a face to face setting.

Retail Demos

Retail is a fast paced business, increase sales and generate more footfall at store level. A great way to promote new products be it food, drink, or even a gadget is with a Promotion counter. With a counter top to display products and encourage interaction from customers, (perhaps a taster or try before you buy, or even a demonstration of how a particular product works) and a header graphic to draw them in from afar, they’ll be queuing up to see what all the fuss is about!

Information Points

A Promotion Counter can also act as a great form of Information Point, allowing companies to provide valuable information about their product or service to perspective customers and generate an increased interest. This is also a great way of handing out information such as leaflets and brochure. When used in this fashion, it is also an invaluable tool for gathering information from the people you have seen who were genuinely interested in your product or service.

Field Sales

Many different types of companies set up a field sales campaign in high traffic areas, such as supermarket foyers, in-store, events and. Businesses can expand their reach of customers with products and services. Breakdown companies, Television, Telephone, Broadband companies, Energy companies and Market Research companies are just a few examples.

Product Sampling

Extremely popular in Supermarket settings when a new food or drink is launched. The counter top is ideal for presenting food or drink for people to help themselves to as they walk by, and with ample storage underneath the counter you can be sure not to run out of stock. Promotion Counters are usually the number one choice for product launches within this type of setting due to ease of set up, visibility and practicality.

Enhance Brand Awareness

So now you have a new brand, service or product. Stand out with your company logo on display, or your ever important company message. The header on the Promotion Counter will capture attention from further distances, whilst the wrap around the Promotion Counter further emphasises your product and or service.


With one person assembly, the Plex Promotion Counter is so quick and easy to set up and put away. Fits neatly and compactly into the handy storage bag, complete with handles and shoulder strap for easy transportation and can fit effortlessly into a boot of a vehicle. This makes the Promotion Counter a fully mobile marketing product, which can be used time after time.

Suitable For:

There are many different types of company and settings a Promotion Counter would be suitable for, but here are some examples: Supermarkets, Service Stations, Motorway Services, Coffee Shops, Fast Food Restaurants, Bazaars, Retail Stores, Stalls, Schools, Fetes, Trade Shows & Exhibitions plus much more!