Top Ten Guide to Roller Banners

Top Ten Guide To Rollerbanners

Introduction to Roller Banners

Roller Banners are high demand marketing products for businesses and companies alike. They provide a cost effective system to display all their relevant company details or product information in high traffic areas, with the added advantage that the system is also portable.

Top Ten Places to use a Roller Banner

Window Displays – Banners in shop windows are one of the first things that people notice when approaching or walking by your store. A well-positioned roller banner in a window can convey your message to prospective customers of deals and current offers, enticing them into the store.

Inside Shops/Stores – Roller Banners are portable, so are easy to manoeuvre round your retail outlet, allowing you to position them in different areas of the store. This can be to display products already within the store, or advertising future products that are due into store soon.

Shopping Centres – Shopping centres are renowned for being busy and attracting local and regional shoppers. Well positioned roller banners within shopping centres can help direct potential custom to your store, or can also be used to advertise other products or services that are being promoted.

Foyers & Receptions – This is the first point of entry for many companies, and is quite often seen as the face of the company. Displaying key information to buyers, suppliers and potential clients in a clear cut professional way.

Farm Shops – Roller Banners are a quick and easy way for farm shops to promote their produce, and other information such as where the products came from, independently sourced and supporting local farmers. Due to the ease of graphic changes on the majority of systems, the banners can be changed according to the season which helps give the farm shops more value for money from their roller banner.

Exhibition & Events – Many companies both large and small are now taking an active interest in events and exhibitions, to help further boost their company profile, whilst also seeing what the their competitors are doing. Exhibiting at these events can be costly, so businesses can rely on the use of roller banners to display their information at the event. Roller Banners are available in various different widths, so that they can use different roller banners to promote their business.

Product Launches & Press Announcements – When a new product is being launched it is vital to get a very clear message out to a wide audience in order for the product or service to sell. A great way of doing this is by using roller banners that can display the information conveniently and simply, with graphics that will grab attention. Think of book launches as an example, the author ready to autograph a new release, flanked by strategically placed roller banners further promoting their new and past works.
Press announcements are another event to utilise roller banners, placed behind to backup an important message, for instance at police, government service announcements, or sporting press conferences ahead of the big game, displaying sponsors or hailing their brand new signing, in fact any type of news event will use these systems, to convey important messages to the masses.

Sporting Facilities – Sports centres, Gyms and Health clubs all need to advertise their products and services. You would be hard pushed to find a sporting facility or gym within the country that has not encompassed the use of roller banners strategically placed within their premises. By doing so, the company is able to get across important messages and promotions to everyone who enters, which in turn helps generate more turn over for the company and help their customers at the same time too with the benefits and services that they offer to them.

Health Facilities – Think about the last time you visited a doctor surgery, hospital or dentist. When you entered you would have been faced with lots of information regarding health and lifestyle, within the building. More and more health facilities are now using roller banners to promote healthy living, whilst also providing other contact information and support groups that are available to patients within their local area. They use roller banners because they are big enough to put a lot of information on to, but not excessively large where they take up too much space, the design of roller banners makes it easy for them to be places against walls, and tucked away to prevent any tripping hazard, without detracting from the banner campaign itself.

Travel Facilities – Roller Banners are used extensively within the travel industry as it is a low cost but extremely effective way to promote and advertise to the thousands of people that pass through the doors of an airport, train station, bus or tube station each and every day. The ease of graphic changes for roller banners also means that banners can be changed quickly and easily, keeping commuters up to date with regular and fresh information. Again roller banners are placed in areas where they will be seen clearly by all that pass by, but without causing a risk of trips or falls, due to the design of the unit itself.

Why not click here to take a look at our roller banner range now?

Why not click here to take a look at our roller banner range now?

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